trade from home using our strategy and Earn a chance to get funded

elite trading for futures, forex, and cryptocurrency

DecisiveAlpha focuses on providing trades setup in fast timeframe for multiple products on a daily basis, along with detailed step-by-step instructions on strategy execution.

The strategy signals are generated by machine learning AI robots. Instead of relying on 100% discretionary (human) trading, the robots will provide trade execution plan and it is entirely up to the human trader's decision to follow.

We select the top traders to fund and trade with our firm's capital

Trading Strategy

Apply a powerful 4 steps Trading Strategy to achieve impressive returns.

Avoid Traps

Identify chart manipulations and price deceptions to avoid bear & bull traps.

Ride The Trend

Interpret how Market Maker moves and ride on profitable trades.

Discover Winning Trades

Spot patterns and discover winning trades everyday for multiple products

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